WIKIHOW IS WRONG About Granite Cleaners!

July 3, 2015 Off By Torin Dixon

wikihowI hate to burst anyones bubble…but WikiHow is wrong about Homemade Granite Cleaners!

In the article it states “Be sure you use cleaners that are pH balanced and include no acid or acidic type chemicals.”  However, the following sentence says to “Combine mild dish detergent with rubbing alcohol.”

As you may know, dish detergents are highly alkaline (pH 11-14) and over time can break down stone sealers. Alcohol is also a strong solvent, and in a very weak solution with water, may not be very harmful. But why risk degrading your stone protection to save a few pennies?

As a 36 year stone industry veteran, I highly suggest using HMK P324 Stone Soap Concentrate. When diluted, a 1-liter bottle will clean up to 8000 square feet of countertop. We suggest mixing one capful in  a 32 oz. spray bottle filled with water. Simply spray countertops and wipe dry with a soft towel or Microfiber Wiping Cloth.

Used as a system, the HMK Stone Care Products will Clean, Protect, and Maintain all Natural Stone surfaces.