When is a Topical Acrylic Sealer right for your Natural Stone?

April 8, 2017 Off By Torin Dixon

We receive many requests for information about using a “High Gloss Sealer” on slate flooring. Most of the time we discourage this type of sealer mainly because it requires more maintenance, but also, it can often look unnatural. Following is an example of an appropriate use of a Satin Finish topical sealer.

A friend referred her client to us because she needed her slate cleaned and sealed. After looking at the condition of her floor, and analyzing her use, it made sense for this client to use a topical acrylic.

Slate prior to Cleaning

This slate is in a bathroom of a retired couple with very little traffic, and none of the common issues that often present a challenge for most uses of Topical Acrylic sealers. They don’t have a big family, it’s not a high traffic area, and they don’t have big dogs running across the floor on a regular basis.

These are the most problematic issues for topical acrylics. Another issue is moving furniture, like using it under dining room tables and chairs.

One of the challenges of this installation was the fact that the stone had been sealed about 10 years prior, but the homeowner had no idea what type of sealer was used, or who the manufacturer was.

I performed a Deep Cleaning process on this slate to remove mineral buildup and to prepare the surface for the topical sealer. Because the slate still had a slight sheen to it from the prior sealer, we discussed the option of Stripping off the existing sealer by using our HMK R154 Stripper & Stain Remover which would have been a more lengthy process to completely remove the existing sealer (see previous POST for more details), or encapsulating the existing sealer with a new coat of the Satin Finish sealer. Client chose to take the quicker path and simple apply a coat of new sealer.

I used our economy sealing brushes to apply the new sealer

The finished floor turned out great, and the homeowner loved, loved, loved the look!

Finished Floor using HMK S37 Satin Finish

Using the HMK S37 Satin Finish topical acrylic sealer, gave the client the near High Gloss look she preferred.

If you need help selecting the proper sealer for your floor, please email us a picture of your stone and we will promptly answer your email and suggest the proper method and products.