Water Based Stone Sealers

November 27, 2012 Off By Torin Dixon

Rachel from PA called this morning wanting more information about HMK S32 Water Based Stone Impregnator.

Her concerns were low V.O.C.’s and worried about preparing food on Sealed Granite countertops. She has three small children and worried about chemical exposure.

Upon further discussion we determined that she had a light colored, small grained granite, most likely from India.

These factors are ideal for a Water Based Stone or Granite Sealer Impregnator. Why?

  • Lighter colored granites are generally more porous.
  • Small grained granites (small crystal structure) are also more porous, as there are more spaces surrounding more crystals.
  • Water Based Impregnators have larger molecules, making it penetrate deeper into porous stone.
  • Dark colored granites are less porous, and often have larger crystals. These stone types may be better suited for a solvent based impregnator like HMK S34.

All stone Impregnators work the same way whether they are water based or solvent based. The carrier (water or a solvent) carries, or draws the protectant molecules deep into the pores of stone, and quickly evaporate, leaving the protective elements inside the micro pores of granite or other natural stone.

When completely wiped off and buffed dry, the top surface of the stone has little residual product on the surface that may come into contact with food or children’s fingers. We do suggest that 24 hours after applying sealer that you clean the stone using a pH neutral maintenance cleaner like HMK P24 Liquid Stone Soap. This will remove any possible residual surface elements and make it safe for food preparation.

P24 Stone Soap is also recommended for Daily Stone Cleaning, as it Supports the Sealer or Impregnator and adds Conditioners over time to Maintain Granite Countertops.

Lastly, we do NOT recommend any “Household Cleaners” as they usually are high pH (alkaline) and will degrade sealers causing premature deterioration of the sealer.

Rachel ordered 1-Liter each of HMK S32 Water Based Stone Sealer and HMK P24 Stone Soap and will rest assured that she is minimizing her exposure to chemicals and is protecting the environment.

Eco Friendly Stone Care Products from HMK

Eco Friendly Stone Care Products from HMK