Thanksgiving Spills and Stains

November 21, 2015 Off By Torin Dixon

Preparing for Holiday Spills and Stains

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is good to be prepared for holiday entertaining, and being ready to deal with the inevitable spills and stains. Grease, gravy, butter, and wine can often cause significant stains in un-sealed natural stone including granite and marble.

The most obvious solution is preventionPreventing stains by using a Professional Grade stone impregnator is the easiest way to have fewer headaches and gray hair. We suggest using HMK S234 Impregnator on all natural stone surfaces. See link:

If you do spill something on granite or marble, the best thing to do is immediately flush with a warm water and mild dish soap solution. Saturate a washcloth or sponge and cover the stain for 5 minutes and repeatedly rinse cloth/sponge and repeat. 

The next option is to use a quality Deep Cleaner like HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner. See link: R55 (R155) DEEP CLEANING – INTENSIVE CLEANER 1-Liter

For deeply imbedded stains, you may need to use a poultice to draw out the stains. We suggest using HMK R52 Poultice with R155 Intensive Cleaner, offered in a Combo Pack:

Preventing stains by using a quality impregnator will help prevent  holiday headaches and help to keep your stone surfaces looking great through all the holiday hustle and bustle.

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