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Remove Rust Stains on Bluestone Pavers

I have been writing about Rust Stains on Bluestone for some time because we regularly have clients who either have naturally occurring rust from the inherent mineral composition of the stone, or accelerated rust stains due to someone cleaning Bluestone with Muriatic Cleaner. SPOILER ALERT – DO NOT USE MURIATIC CLEANER ON BLUESTONE!! Fortunately, we…

By Torin Dixon July 27, 2018 Off

Cleaning Rust Stains on Bluestone – Countering Misinformation on the Web

How to Clean Rust on Bluestone There’s Much Misinformation on the Web We receive numerous calls from concerned homeowners about Rust Stains appearing on Bluestone pavers. There are unfortunately many websites with “solutions”, but very few offer professional advice. Katherine C. called us a few weeks ago from South Carolina, in a panic about rust…

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