So Many Stone Sealers…Which One’s Are Good?

January 28, 2017 Off By Torin Dixon

There are so many different manufacturers of Stone Sealers, and so many different opinions, so how do you make a choice?

When I entered the dimensional stone trade in the late 1970’s, there was only one company that I was aware of, Moeller HMK from Germany. There may have been other companies out there, but none were ┬ábeing specified on commercial projects. Every specification I ever saw was for HMK Stone Care. At the time it was imported directly into San Francisco, and distributed throughout North America.

As other products came into the market I would test them against the HMK brand. The most important product was S34 Silicone Impregnator, as it was the Go-To sealer for natural stone. I tested Miracle 511, Dupont StoneTech, Stone Care International, and though these products are good, they just didn’t hold up agains HMK S34 Impregnator.

Fast forward 25 years, and now there are dozens of products available, and to be quite honest, I have not tested every one. We do however get numerous reports back from homeowners and stone professionals complaining that Brand-A or Brand-B failed (not mentioning the real company names) and that they have heard how great HMK S234 (new model number) is. Of the hundreds of clients who have switched from another brand to HMK Stone Care, we have not had a single incident of the product failing, or a complaint that it did not perform as expected. This remains a quite remarkable achievement.

We at StoneCareOnline have been representing the HMK Brand since 1984, and have been national distributors since 1999, and am so proud to have never had a claim of product failure.

The bottom line is, people select brands that they trust, and I have used the HMK Stone Care Products for nearly 40 years, and I trust it! Moeller HMK is a World Wide company, and remains an industry leader. HMK may not be a household brand name, because it is only sold through stone industry professionals, and it will never be sold in the box stores.

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