Repairing and Sealing Painted Concrete Floor

September 19, 2012 Off By Torin Dixon
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Hello, thanks for taking the time to do this, you are a special bunch of people who I really respect.  I have and issue I need help with.  A friend was building a new home and wanted an really unique concrete floor painting.  I did a colorful piece of artwork on their office floor with concrete paints and stains all water based.  I sprayed an aerosol seal coating and some final touch ups.  They were wanting it really durable so I wouldn’t scratch into all my hard work.  I used Seal-Krete (also water based) for the final coat. It says you can do 1 or 2 coats so I did 2.  Lastly I waxed the floor with one coat of a commercial wax the night before the cabinet guys and everyone else had to be in there.  I was on a rushed timeline because they had to have the construction completed by a certain date and other work couldn’t get done until I was.  So the floor got damaged during the cabinets install, all the way down to the concrete, now the home owners are really worried the floor won’t be durable.  They are thinking to strip the wax and add more sealer.  I don’t know that more sealer will be better if the instructions say only 2 coats.  Or should I try to get a lot of coatings of wax to give a bigger buffer zone?  How do I strip the wax if that’s the case?  Thanks a ton for any help! I should add the floor is quite cold, I had a dehumidifier running all the time, but does the temp have to be warmer.  It felt pretty cool but it was 90 outside some of the days and the windows were open.


Thank you for submitting your question. The products you reference are unfortunately not within my specialty. I will however offer that perhaps they are not hard enough or durable enough due to the water based formulation. I have used HMK Stone Care products for more than 25 years with great success. They are suitable for all stone, masonry and concrete products. 

For an invisible concrete sealer that has not been painted I suggest using HMK S34 Silicone Impregnator.

I believe you may have better results with the HMK S37 Satin Finish Acrylic sealer. This is a professional grade product and I have used it on many types of stone with fantastic results. See link:

Due to using the wax, I believe you would need to remove the wax in order to achieve a good bond should you choose to use this product.

I would clean the floor with HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner to remove the wax coating. You may need to do two applications.

Regarding the temperature, the general range for applying these products is 50-90 degrees.

I hope this is helpful.

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