Remove Rust Stains on Bluestone Pavers

July 27, 2018 Off By Torin Dixon

The Beauty of Properly Maintained Bluestone

I have been writing about Rust Stains on Bluestone for some time because we regularly have clients who either have naturally occurring rust from the inherent mineral composition of the stone, or accelerated rust stains due to someone cleaning Bluestone with Muriatic Cleaner. SPOILER ALERT – DO NOT USE MURIATIC CLEANER ON BLUESTONE!!

Fortunately, we have had great success solving most of the ‘Bluestone Emergencies’ by using our Two-Step Cleaning process using our Professional Grade Rust Remover from HMK Stone Care, followed by protecting the stone using our Impregnating Sealers.

Rust can occur naturally in Bluestone

Rust or iron minerals do occur naturally in many stones, and quite often in Bluestone, but normally do not become as bad as the image above. This bluestone was cleaned by a stone mason using Muriatic Acid, not knowing that it would accelerate the formation of rust by oxidizing the minerals. This image was taken just two days after cleaning, so naturally the homeowner was quite concerned. She contacted us for a solution, and we recommended the HMK R777 Rust Remover, followed by neutralizing with the HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner. We offer this convenient Combo Pack.

Rust Removing Combo Pack for Natural Stone

Once the Bluestone rust stains are removed, it is essential to protect the stone from further oxidation by sealing the stone with a professional grade impregnating sealer like HMK S234. This quality Impregnating Sealer also has stain protection for areas where food or other stains may occur.

HMK S234 Impregnating Stone Sealer

For areas that only need to protect agains water and natural elements, we offer a superior Silane based Impregnating Sealer, that is also very economical, HMK S231

If you are experiencing rust stains on you Bluestone pavers, please contact us for assistance. We have helped hundreds of clients solve their rust problems on Bluestone and Granite using R777 Rust Remover. Call for expert advice at 800-380-6881 or email us your images and we will be happy to assist you.