Old Sealers Removed from Slate Floor – Update

March 21, 2013 Off By Torin Dixon
Slate with multiple layers of sealers and coatings

Slate with multiple layers of sealers and coatings

Here is an update from a customer who wanted to strip off old sealers from her slate floor. Original POST

By Torin Dixon


J. from Washington called and was desperate to get her slate looking better. She described having about 7-8 coatings applied over the years.

I recommended R54 Stripper/Stain Remover and R55 Intensive Cleaner. She bought these products, and with a bit of coaching was able to remove multiple layers of coatings.

She was thrilled with how well the products worked and shared the progress:


Not only did the products remove the old sealers, it also cleaned the grout and restored the original charcoal color of the stone.

For details on the process recommended, please see original post HERE

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