“My Granite Looks Like New…thanks to R55 Intensive Cleaner”

August 26, 2013 Off By Torin Dixon

Carol from Louisiana called to rave about HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner to clean grease stains off her granite countertops.

by Torin Dixon

Carol had granite installed about 7 years ago, and over the years she noticed the granite getting darker near her stove. She quite accurately assumed it was grease and oil splattering on the granite. Oils are the worst enemy of unsealed granite and all natural stone.

Carol ordered the Super Special which consists of HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner, the S34 Silicone Impregnator/Sealer, and the Daily Cleaning product P24 Liquid Stone Soap.

Mixing R55 Intensive Cleaner 1-part to 4-parts warm water, Carol scrubbed on the cleaning solution, and allowed it to dwell on the surface for 15 minutes, scrubbed again, and rinsed very well. Carol reported “with the initial cleaning, the granite looked 80% cleaner”. She repeated the cleaning process several times until the grease stains were virtually unnoticeable. She however could still see a bit of the darker areas, where her family and friends said that they thought it was completely clean.

The following day when the granite was completely dry, she applied the S34 Impregnating Sealer. It soaked into the stone and was immediately darker while wet. Carol noticed that the few areas where she could see darker grease stains were still noticeably darker, and she was worried that she was sealing in the grease.

What Carol did not know is that because S34 is a solvent-based impregnator, the solvent/carriers of the protectant further broke down the residual grease. When she woke the following morning and the sealer had dried, to her amazement, “All the Darker Spots were Completely Gone” She was thrilled and called to ask what had happened, and to praise HMK Stone Care products for their effective cleaning.


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