Light Colored “Stains” on Black Granite – The Saga Continues

January 4, 2013 Off By Torin Dixon

“Sandy” from SC called today to ask for advice about light rings where shot glasses were set on her black granite.

First of all, black ‘granite’ is not a true Geological Granite, they are Basalt. For more information click HERE.

Some factories primarily in India and China, “doctor” their black stone with dyes that darken the appearance of the stone. These polished black slabs and tiles are sold commercially as Black Absolute Granite,¬†when they are actually Basalt.

Practically speaking, they are referred to as granite, as the stone fabricators are still responsible for fabricating and installing your countertops.

Some fabricators use various “sealers” on all types of stone regardless if they need it or not. Basalt does not need treatment, although using a quality impregnator usually does not harm the look.

Most “Rings” and “Stains” are caused by poor quality sealers sitting on the surface, and when various liquids, alcoholic drinks, citrus juices, etc. react with these ‘sealers’, they dissolve the coating leaving rings.

The best option is to chemically strip off the coating-sealer. Warning: this may dramatically alter the look and color of your stone, buy removing existing pigments, dyes, etc.

Many forums suggest using Methylene chloride, but this is a very strong industrial solvent. See OSHA guidebook HERE

My suggestion is to use a more consumer/user friendly stripper like HMK R54 Stripper Stain Remover. Followed by neutralizing the stripper with HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner. We offer a Combo-Pack discount as a Kit HERE.


Using these products will chemically strip off all dyes and coatings leaving your black slab or tile “Pure”, and may appear Charcoal in color, so proceed with caution. It is best to test a small area first that is in a hidden area to see if you will be happy with the results.

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