Is Using Baking Soda, Safe for Delicate Marble?

April 5, 2014 Off By Torin Dixon

acid-etched-marbleIs using Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) good for cleaning marble countertops? Well, many DIY websites advocate using Baking Soda, as an inexpensive way to clean and polish marble countertops. Since baking soda is often used in the kitchen, one would think, that this is a valid option.

But let’s look deeper into the chemistry of Sodium Bicarbonate. When dry, it is mildly alkaline at pH 8.4. In water, sodium bicarbonate dissociates into sodium and bicarbonate ions. If the pH is decreased then carbonic acid (H2CO3 or CO2) can be formed. If the concentration of CO2 in water is above the water solubility limit, the CO2 will distribute to the atmosphere. An addition of bicarbonate to water will alter the pH towards a value of 8.3.

All of this is to say that carbonic acid may damage sensitive marble surfaces.

Kathryn, recently wrote me:

I have a beautiful bathroom marble floor of burnt orange and cream colored marble tiles that have been ruined when I followed the e-how internet advice on how to clean a marble floor. The deep colored tiles developed burn marks or etchings . There are white spots on the orange tile. It is tragic they were so beautiful before. It happened within 15 min of application as the floor dried. My cleaner said it was doing a good job when it was wet . When it dried I was shocked when I say white marks over all my floor. I tried so hard to stop the mess by dousing it with water but it was too late.
Please help me and tell me what to do these advisors should be censored and kicked out of the Internet. They are probably selling marble  restoration products and want people to ruin their floors so they can make money.Thank you for being the only sane one who tells us that baking soda has a PH of 9 Alkaline and is as dangerous as acids.
 Please help  tell me how I can get my floor clean and shiny without the white spots everywhere


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