I Saw it on the Internet…so it must be TRUE??

January 5, 2017 Off By Torin Dixon

cleaning graniteCleaning Granite Counters

About every two years I take the time to search the internet to see if the “Experts” have learned anything about Cleaning Granite Countertops.
I am amazed that there remains very bad advice in the top Google searches on the internet.

Having been in the dimensional stone industry for more than 35 years, I have taken it upon myself to learn about the geology of natural stone, and have traveled to dozens of quarries around the world to learn about the latest fabrication techniques. I have also interviewed industry leaders about resin sealed slabs.

Having reviewed the top four Google results, (see image above) there was some good basic information about cleaning up spills promptly, and using mild dish soap and water for cleanup, but the glaring issue remains the recommendation that people use rubbing alcohol and water, and letting it soak into the stone for several minutes.

Being a contributor to the Wiki-How page, I was able to add a warning about not using too much alcohol, as it is a powerful solvent that can quickly degrade most sealers. Most sites also recommend making a ‘Homemade Daily Cleaner’ using dish soap and alcohol. The problem with using most dish soaps is that it is highly alkaline (pH 11-14) designed to cut grease on dishes. Over time, using a high alkaline cleaner can also break down most sealers.

If you do not want to purchase a Daily Cleaner like HMK P324 Stone Soap, then only use a very mild dish soap with a low pH (near 7.0). Also, it is worth noting that granite countertops are a very good surface to protect against bacteria. See test results HERE.

For a safe and economical option, the HMK P324 Stone Soap is a highly concentrated product. When diluted (1-capful per 16oz. water in a spray bottle) using it daily, just spray and wipe your counters, one liter will last for months.

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