Humans in an E-Commerce World

October 9, 2015 Off By Torin Dixon

We received a curious email from a customer the other day commenting on our personal touch in an order he received. He noted to his wife, “Look Hon, a human packed this order, there’s a hand written ‘Thank You’ on the receipt”.

In this digital age where robots are packaging many e-commerce orders, some may be happy to know that StoneCareOnline orders are actually packaged by humans. Most often it is Diane or another owner insuring accuracy. Since 1999 we have shipped thousands of orders, and have a 99.7% accuracy rating. We work hard to answer technical questions and ship orders completely and accurately every time, and often write a hand written note.

Even though Moeller HMK is a world wide brand, in North America, most online HMK orders come from a small family run business from Missoula Montana…and yes, packaged by real people. We intend to keep it this way as long as we can.

We appreciate comments and feedback from our customers, and appreciate your business!

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