How to Remove Stone Sealers

September 9, 2017 Off By Torin Dixon

Slate with multiple layers of sealers and coatings

One of the most frequent questions we receive is “How do I remove an existing stone sealer?”

There are Two Answers to this question that first require a question to be answered:

  1. Do you know the Brand Name?
  2. Is it an Impregnator or Topical Sealer?

Knowing the brand of sealer used is helpful to know the quality of the product, and knowing the type is helpful to know how effective we may be using our Stripper/Cleaner Combo.

There are many brands out in the market, and some are more effective than others. Without naming other brand names, the Moeller-HMK has consistently outperformed other brands, and it is the brand/company that introduced the concept of ‘Stone Care’ to North America nearly 40 years ago.

With that being said, Topical Sealers are easier to fully remove than Impregnators because topical sealers lay on the surface, while impregnators penetrate down into the pores of the stone.

In each case, we suggest using our HMK R154 Stripper, followed by our HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner to remove residue and to prepare the surface for new sealers.

Supplies Needed:

Follow these Steps:

  1. Apply R154 using a natural bristle brush
  2. Allow to activate/dwell on surface for 15 minutes
  3. While product is activating, mix a 1-part R155 solution to 6-parts warm water.
  4. Following 15-minutes of dwell time (R154) wipe off stripper with paper towels to remove the bulk of the stripper and dissolved sealers
  5. Immediately apply the R155 + warm water solution to the stone with a sponge or scrub brush.
  6. Allow cleaner to dwell/activate for 10-minutes
  7. Scrub for 5-minutes with a Scrubbing Sponge or brush
  8. Wipe up solution with a separate sponge
  9. Rinse VERY well (we suggest triple rinse)
  10. Allow stone to dry

Once stone is dry you will be able to determine if a second application is required. Once stone is clean, then you can determine which type of sealer to apply to protect your stone.

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