How to Clean and Seal Textured Quartzite Tiles

February 15, 2013 Off By Torin Dixon

Kevin from AZ called to ask how to Clean and Protect Textured Quartzite Tiles

By Torin Dixon

quartziteQuartzite is a beautiful and durable Natural Stone suitable for both Interior and Exterior applications.

Because of the natural texture, Quartzite is a bit more difficult to clean than a smooth stone.

Prior to applying any Sealer or Impregnator, I suggest performing a Deep Cleaning procedure to remove any prior cleaners, sealers or coatings that may be on the stone. For most stone, using a professional grade Cleaning solution like HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner will effectively clean and prepare the stone for any Sealer or Impregnator.

Sealer or Impregnator?

For most stone, it is my preference to use an Impregnator rather than a Sealer. Impregnators are generally better at penetrating deep into the pores of the stone, and normally will not alter the look of the stone. Impregnators also are not “topical”, they do not lay on top of the stone. Impregnators are great for repelling spills and protect against grease and oil, and they last longer than many topical acrylics that can wear with traffic and heavy use.

Sealers are generally topical acrylics that will fill pores with a clear coating, rather than penetrate the stone. Because these topical sealers lay on the surface, they can help to make very rough or textured stone feel smoother, and make it easier to clean. The down side is that because they lay on the surface, rather than penetrate the pores, they can scratch if furniture is dragged across, or may scratch with heavy traffic or animal claws. Topical Sealers also can enhance the color, or darken the color of the stone. Sometimes this is preferred, but if you do not want to alter the look of stone than an Impregnator will be your choice.

For Impregnators, we suggest the following items:

    • HMK S34 Silicone Impregnator -Best Selling Item (invisible-penetrating)
    • HMK S42 Exterior Color Enhancing Impregnator
    • HMK S44 Color Enhancing Impregnator (Interior)

For Topical Acrylic Stone Sealers, we suggest the following items: (not for polished stone)

    • HMK S35 Matte Finish Stone Sealer (slight color enhancing)
    • HMK S37 Satin Finish Stone Sealer (satin sheen finish)
    • HMK S39 High Gloss Stone Sealer

When used on interior flooring applications, once sealed or impregnated, we suggest using pH neutral stone cleaners for regular maintenance to protect the sealers. Many household cleaners are highly alkaline and can prematurely break down the coatings. I suggest using HMK P24 Liquid Stone Soap for weekly mopping. P24 supports all our sealers or impregnators and also lays down conditioners with regular use.

These professional grade Sealers and Impregnators will protect your Natural Stone surface and help to make your cleaning and maintenance chores much easier and faster.

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