How to Care for Granite Countertops

April 19, 2014 Off By Torin Dixon
Cleaning techniques for granite, marble, limestone, travertine, and slate

Learn How to Clean & Maintain Your Natural Stone

By Torin Dixon

Now that we are in the prime building season, many homeowners will be installing Granite and Marble countertops for the first time, and wondering “How do I take care of my Granite?”

Sadly, as I have written in previous POSTS, many fabricators simply do not know, or do not care, about providing proper care instructions to homeowners for new stone counters.

Many opinions abound on the internet about IF granite needs to be sealed. My extensive knowledge of the geology of stone, and having traveled to many quarries around the world, and witnessing first hand, how granite and marble slabs are fabricated, tells me one thing, Natural Stone is Porous!! (see Article)

Each week we receive dozens of calls at 800-380-6881 for Stone Care information. Many clients call and report that they have had their granite “Sealed”, yet it still has stains. This does not surprise me, as there are dozens of “Granite Sealers” on the market. Many of them offer marginal protection, and NONE have performed as well as HMK S34 Silicone Impregnator.

I have used HMK Stone Care products since 1978, as a stone marble mason, and tile contractor. Nothing has performed as well as HMK products. Because I was so pleased with the performance of HMK Stone Care products, I became a dealer in Southern California in the early 1980’s. In 1997, we became National Distributors.

HMK Stone Care Products are ONLY sold through stone professionals. Never through Box Stores. For several years, we also distributed another world brand of stone care products, only to discover that the formulations sold through Home Depot and Lowes, were diluted strength products. We stopped selling these products (the professional strength versions) when we got repeated negative feedback. HMK is the only stone impregnator we endorse.

For more information about Caring for Natural Stone Surfaces, see our many resources at StoneCareOnline.