How do you Care for Marble?

June 13, 2018 Off By Torin Dixon

How do you Care for Marble? Just A little Soap & Water….


clean marbleSoap and Water is not your friend when it comes to cleaning Marble Surfaces

You may have seen this dandy floating around the internet, suggesting that “Just a little Soap and Water” is all you need to clean your precious Marble countertops….but this is not great advice. This is why:

  • Dish soap is highly Alkaline. This is why it cuts grease so well. Some dish soaps are pH 12-14. If you remember from high school chemistry, that pH Neutral is 7.0. High alkaline cleaners will degrade any sealers that you may have on your stone.
  • Soap and Water over time can actually build-up on your marble surface and also darken stone. As your sealer (if you have one) begins to degrade over time, the stone will become more absorbent and the marble (especially light colored marble) will get darker.
  • Dish soap and water will not ‘Condition’ your stone, rather, it will ‘De-Condition’ your stone making it easier to absorb stains, particularly oils.
  • Many stone sealers are Water-Based, and will degrade quickly when using a harsh cleaner like dish soap and water.

What’s a Better Option?

Using a professional grade pH Neutral maintenance cleaner is the best thing to clean your delicate Marble, Travertine, and Onyx surfaces. I have used and recommend the HMK Stone Care P324 concentrated Stone Soap. This highly concentrated maintenance cleaner will not only do your Daily Cleaning, but over time Condition your stone with their proprietary formulation. Developed in Europe where they have installed natural stone for millennia, the Professional Grade products from HMK Stone Care are known throughout the world as the product for stone professionals.

For more information from the US Importer, please see HERE
When mixed in a spray bottle, one liter of HMK P324 Stone Soap will cover 8000 square feet of stone. Simply spray your countertop and wipe dry to clean and condition your stone. This daily cleaner also supports the sealers, even if you chose to use a water based sealer. We recommend the HMK S232 for marble and travertine surfaces. For dark dense stone like granite countertops, we believe the solvent class of sealers do a better job of penetrating the stone and protecting against stains, particularly oil and grease stains. We recommend the HMK S234 Impregnator.

Bottom Line…

Dish soap and water is made for cleaning dishes and greasy pots and pans. It is NOT a good choice for delicate marble surfaces. Protect your investment by using professional grade Stone Care products from HMK Stone Care.

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