Homemade Poultice – FAIL

Homemade Poultice – FAIL

March 18, 2019 Off By Torin Dixon


Do you trust the Internet?

We have a customer who called us in a panic about her Black Granite countertops. She had used a “homemade poultice” recipe she found on the internet, using Hydrogen Peroxide and flour. Mixing it into a paste, she covered her grease stain on leather finish Black Pearl granite. Much to her horror and surprise, the image above is the result.

The peroxide poultice completely stripped off what ever coating or sealer had been applied to the granite slabs. “I spent $8000 on this granite, and it is ruined”. We talked her off the edge, and began to suggest various solutions to her problem. First off, BE CAREFUL when seeking advice with a Google search: http://tipnut.com/marble-granite-stains/ as some “home remedies” can work…but some can actually damage your stone!

A Few Tips on Cleaning Granite & Marble countertops

Grease Stains generally penetrate into stone and most often require using a Professional Stone Poultice to draw out stains. If you just spilled oil on your granite or marble, soak a dish cloth in a strong solution of dish soap and warm water and cover the oil spot with the cloth. Allow it to saturate the stone with the soap solution. Repeat every 30-minutes until you see that the oil stain has been flushed out. If spot remains, then call us for advice on the next practical step. Do Not use a homemade poultice.

Do’s and Don’ts for Cleaning Stone

  • DO use a pH Neutral Cleaner! All Stone experts recommend using Neutral Cleaners. They will never harm your stone!
  • DO wipe up oil and food spills promptly to prevent staining
  • DO use a quality Stone Sealer to protect your Granite, Marble and all types of Natural Stone (and also quartz). We offer the finest impregnating stone sealer HMK S234 Silicone Impregnating Sealer.
  • DON’T USE VINEGAR to clean any stone, tile, or grout. Vinegar is an acid, and can damage (even dissolve) sensitive stone like Marble, Onyx, and Travertine. Vinegar can also dissolve cement grout.
  • DON’T USE AMMONIA to clean any stone. Ammonia will very quickly burn the polish off any marble, travertine, or onyx.
  • DON’T USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to clean any stone but an unsealed “True Granite”. Note: many “granite countertops” are commercially called “granite” but are really “metamorphosed granites”, where they have elements of “True Geologic Granite” but also have other sedimentary rocks in them. Generally, true granite is fine grained speckled stone. True Granite seldom have veins, unless there is a mixture of two true granites. See image below of True Granite. See useful link: https://usenaturalstone.org/granite-whats-name/
how to identify true granite
How to Identify True Geologic Granite

Get a Professional Stain Removing Poultice

We offer a professional grade Stain Removing Poultice for Natural Stone. It is from Moeller HMK Stone Care – Germany.

stain removing poultice for all natural stone. remove grease and oil from granite and marble

Call our Stone Care Experts before you damage your expensive stone!

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