Daily Granite & Marble Cleaner since 1977…

Daily Granite & Marble Cleaner since 1977…

January 22, 2019 Off By Torin Dixon

Moeller HMK Stone Care from Germany Started It All!

Moeller HMK brought Stone Care to North America

In this day of “New and Improved” products coming out almost daily, it’s good to have a familiar friend that hasn’t changed for decades! Since 1977, Moeller HMK Stone Care has developed and manufactured the finest Professional Grade products to maintain natural stone surfaces including Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate, Travertine, and ALL natural stone, and P24 has been the best selling Daily Stone Cleaner for decades!

P24 Stone Soap is the Original pH Neutral Daily Stone Cleaner

HMK P24 Stone Soap is a VERY economical Daily Stone Maintenance Cleaner that is pH neutral, making it gentle for cleaning and maintaining even delicate stone surfaces like Onyx and soft Marble. It is well established in the stone industry that to properly maintain natural stone surfaces, it is best to use pH neutral maintenance cleaners. pH neutral is 7 on the pH scale. Cleaning products lower on the scale are considered acids, and cleaners above 7 are alkaline. Acids can very easily damage (and etch) calcium based stones like Onyx, Marble, and Travertines, and high alkaline cleaners can also damage soft stones.

P324 is the New Model number for Daily Stone Maintenance Cleaner

Moeller HMK Stone Care has continued to engineer and develop a system of products to Clean, Protect, and Maintain all types of Natural Stone and Cast (cultured) stone, as well as Brick, Terra cotta and even Concrete surfaces. Because they now have more than 100 products, they recently changed their numbering system. P24 Stone Soap is not P324.

100 Series = Clean, 200 Series = Protect, and 300 Series = Maintain

HMK P324 Liquid Stone Soap is an economical way to properly maintain your stone. We suggest you pour One-Capful of P324 into a 16 ounce Spray Bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water. Some municipal water supplies have chlorine or very hard water that can diminish the effectiveness of this Daily Maintenance Stone Soap. Simply shake up the solution, then spray your surfaces and wipe dry with either paper towels or a soft cloth.

That’s It! Daily Stone Cleaning is Easy with HMK P324!

StoneCareOnline offers Professional Stone Care advice and a full range of HMK Stone Care products. If you have questions about how to Clean, Protect, or Maintain your stone countertops, floors or shower surfaces, please give our experts a call at 800-380-6881