Cleaning & Maintaining Large Stone Floors

August 28, 2015 Off By Torin Dixon

We frequently get calls asking about how to Clean and Maintain large stone floors. One of the questions involves what tools and equipment do we recommend. So after handling cleaning and restoration projects for three decades, here are my recommendations:

For floors larger than 200 square feet I suggest a roller bucket with mop wringer.

cleaning marble floors mop bucketThis type of mop bucket makes it easy to cover large areas with minimal trips to the sink for rinsing. The large bucket handles several gallons of wash or rinse water. There are many options available at


For scrubbing and cleaning very large floors (500 sq. ft. +) then I often recommend commercial floor scrubbers like the model listed below:

scrubbing-machine-for-stone-floorsThis machine is currently available at Amazon for a great price. You do have to purchase the scrubbers separately. I have had a similar Clark machine for more than 25 years and it never gives up. The Clark machines are more expensive but if you have a cleaning business they are well worth the investment.

We also have microfiber mops, pads and microfiber buckets available at our Cleaning Tools page.

26inch Mop Bucketwashstick_sm



For professional grade cleaning products for Natural Stone, please see our Deep Cleaning page.

If you have a specific stone cleaning question, please contact us at StoneCareOnline 800-380-6881 or by Email.