Cleaning Granite Countertops Daily with HMK P24 Stone Soap

May 31, 2012 Off By Torin Dixon
Questioner: Elsa
Category: Kitchen Design/Remodeling
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Subject: cleaning products
Question: Hi Torin,
I recently wrote to you regarding my granite countertops looking dull. You recommended some products for this issue and one of the products was the HMK P24 Liquid stone soap. I was just wondering if this product is safe for daily use? I cook everyday and my countertops do get kind of messy after cooking so I want a product that is safe to use daily as well as removing food residue and wont harm my countertops do to harsh chemicals. I noticed that there is also a product called HMK P1 Stone Cleaning Spray and I would like to know which of the two would you recommend for this particular matter?
Answer: Elsa,
Yes the P24 is safe for everyday use.
Because it is pH neutral, it does not break down the sealer.
It is also highly concentrated so you don’t need to use very much.
We suggest 1/2 ounce P24 in an 8 ounce spray bottle mixed with water.
As needed, just spray and wipe off with a paper towel or cloth.P1 is premixed and is perfect for everyday use, but it is more economical to mix the P24 yourself.
You choose.

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