Cleaning a Dull Slate Floor and applying a Color Enhancing Impregnator

Cleaning a Dull Slate Floor and applying a Color Enhancing Impregnator

September 22, 2018 Off By Torin Dixon

We took a Dull and Drab Slate Floor
and Gave it a Makeover!!

We were asked to Clean and Enhance a Dull Slate Floor

Cleaning Stone Floor with Intensive Cleaner

We started by applying R155 Intensive Cleaner from HMK Stone Care Products. Mixing a solution of 1-Part R155 to 6-Parts warm water, we applied the solution to the floor using a scrub brush. You can use a Scrubbing Sponge as well, but using a deck brush saves the knees! Allow to dwell or activate for 15-minutes. This is the key to getting a clean floor.

After allowing the solution to do it’s magic, it is time to rinse….VERY WELL!

Rinse Floor Very Well with Clean Water

Over the years I have found that using a cotton string mop works very well at sopping up the dirty soap solution. When using a sponge-mop, it tends to foam up and takes much longer to rinse. For large floors, making an investment in a rolling mop bucket with a wringer is well worth it. For large commercial projects, you can use a wet-vacuum but you MUST use a commercial defoamer (available at janitorial supply companies) or else you will have soap bubbles everywhere!

Allow to Dry for at least 4-6 Hours

I use a fan to help the water to evaporate. If applying a solvent based Impregnator like HMK S242 Color Enhancer, or HMK 234 Silicone Impregnator (Natural-Invisible Look) you can apply these impregnators after 4-hours. If using a Topical Acrylic Sealer like HMK S235 Matte Finish Sealer, or HMK S237 Satin Finish Sealer, I recommend allowing the floor to dry for 12-hours. Remember, topical acrylics can NOT be used in wet areas or on exteriors. Only Impregnating Sealer may be used in wet areas (showers).

Applying a Color-Enhancing Stone Impregnator

Using the HMK S242 Color Enhancing Impregnator is easy. Just pour directly on to the surface, and brush out using a natural bristle brush. We offer an economical Disposable Sealer brush on our website, and for large floors 500 square feet or more, we highly suggest investing in our Professional Sealer Application Brushes, particularly if you chose to use a Topical Acrylic Sealer.

Apply a thin even coat, brushing in opposing directions to spread impregnator evenly. Then allow to dry for 4-6 hours before walking on floor. For topical acrylic sealers, we suggest waiting for 12-hours before use.

For extra ‘Pop” and protection, a second application way be needed.

For dense polished stone, it is best to wipe off excess product after 5-10 minutes, but this requires only working with small sections of the floor at a time so you can reach the area to remove excess product.

Maintain your Stone Floor by using a pH Neutral Cleaner

Once you are satisfied with the results of applying the sealer, to protect and support the sealer, it is best to use a pH Neutral Maintenance Soap. We offer the HMK P324 Liquid Stone Soap Concentrate. This is a highly concentrated daily/weekly cleaner that supports our Sealer s and Impregnators, and can cover up to 8000 square feet diluted.

For regular mopping/cleaning, we suggest using 1-ounce of P324 mixed with 2-1/2 gallons of warm water. Simply mop the floor and allow to dry. This is a No-Rinse Maintenance Cleaner.

For further assistance, please contact our Stone Experts

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