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Questions and Answers on cleaning natural stone surfaces.

How to Remove Grout Haze and Residue from Marble tile floor.

Questioner: Hassan / Chicago Category: Natural Stone Repair Private: No Subject: Removing Grout Film and Haze from Marble Question: My tile setter just installed 18″ x 18″ Carrara White marble tiles in my home. There is a film or haze on some of the tiles. It is particularly noticeable in the reflection near the windows.…

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Cleaning and Sealer Suggestions For Slate Floors

Question: – I have approximately 1000 sq ft of interior slate flooring and approx 1300 sq ft of new Vermont green (the closest we could find to match the interior) exterior slate flooring. The  interior slate was installed around 1988 and was sealed on installation.  It has had no treatment, other than cleaning, since then. What…

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R77 is Great for Removing Rust Spots on Bluestone

Caller: Judy S. from New Jersey Category: Rust Stain Removal Private: No Subject: Hooray for R77 Rust Remover on Bluestone Comment: June 9, 2012″Hi Torin, Last year I ordered R77 per your recommendation to remove rust stains from my Bluestone patio. I just now got around to using the product. IT IS AMAZING!!!  I ALMOST FORGOT HOW…

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What product should I use to clean my slate floor? – Cheryl O.

Answer: For regular maintenance we suggest using HMK P24 Liquid Stone Soap This is assuming the floor is generally clean. If you need to do deep cleaning we suggest HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner. To make regular cleaning MUCH easier, seal your slate with HMK S34 Impregnator

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