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Questions and Answers on cleaning natural stone surfaces.

Ultimate Stain Removal, Protection, Maintenance Special for Natural Stone

Ultimate Stain Removal Special This is the most comprehensive Special we have ever offered! FREE SHIPPING My popular request, we are combining 7 items in this Ultimate Special: HMK R52 Stain Removing Poultice – Remove Food & Oil Stains from Granite and Marble surfaces. This Poultice draws stains out of stone. Repeat application for deep stains.…

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Cleaning Rust Stains on Bluestone – Countering Misinformation on the Web

How to Clean Rust on Bluestone There’s Much Misinformation on the Web We receive numerous calls from concerned homeowners about Rust Stains appearing on Bluestone pavers. There are unfortunately many websites with “solutions”, but very few offer professional advice. Katherine C. called us a few weeks ago from South Carolina, in a panic about rust…

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The Most Important Thing for New Granite Countertops – PROTECTION!

Protect Your Investment – Use Professional Grade Impregnating Sealers By Torin Dixon Ok, you just had beautiful granite or marble countertops installed, or you just bought a house with stone countertops. Make the best decision before you start using your new counters, PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT by treating your counters with a Professional Grade product. HMK…

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Is Using Baking Soda, Safe for Delicate Marble?

Is using Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) good for cleaning marble countertops? Well, many DIY websites advocate using Baking Soda, as an inexpensive way to clean and polish marble countertops. Since baking soda is often used in the kitchen, one would think, that this is a valid option. But let’s look deeper into the chemistry of…

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“My Granite Looks Like New…thanks to R55 Intensive Cleaner”

Carol from Louisiana called to rave about HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner to clean grease stains off her granite countertops. by Torin Dixon Carol had granite installed about 7 years ago, and over the years she noticed the granite getting darker near her stove. She quite accurately assumed it was grease and oil splattering on the…

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