What to do about a Dull Floor?

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Dear StoneCareOnline.org:Name: – Gregory
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Comments: – I need to know which of your products would restore the shine
to my marble floor, when i first laid the floor it was very shinny,now it is dull from foot traffic & dogs.Thank you!!!



The issue you describe is a common issue. Marble is polished originally in the factory by grinding with progressively finer and finer grits of abrasives, until it shines. The process is identical to polishing a gem stone. When marble is exposed to foot traffic, dirt, and dogs, the physical shine is worn off or abraded away. This process can be retarded by use of regular cleaning and finishing with professional grade stone care products like HMK-P24 Stone Soap for regular cleaning, and HMK P19 Marble Polish for periodic polish enhancement.
If the condition of your stone is very dull and abraded, I am afraid that not much can be done short of professional refinishing. If the condition is mildly dull then perhaps the P19 will help restore the finish. To get the best results I would mop the floor first with P24 to clean it, then use P19 half strength and allow to dry, then use a floor buffing machine (you can rent one) using a white nylon buff pad to burnish a shine in the floor. If you have a very small floor, you may be able to use the HMK P21 Polishing Paste to buff in a shine, but this is hard to do on a large area unless you use a buffing machine.
I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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