How to Care for Natural Stone

March 22, 2014 Off By Torin Dixon
Cleaning techniques for granite, marble, limestone, travertine, and slate

Learn How to Clean & Maintain Your Natural Stone

How to Care for Natural Stone

Why are homeowners left guessing how to take care of their Stone Surfaces?

By Torin Dixon

This week I was once again confronted with a phenomenon that is hard to understand. A couple came in to see me asking about cleaning products for Limestone, Granite, Marble and Quartz that had recently been installed.

Bill and Evelyn recently had a custom home built and invested $42,000+ in stone surfaces, countertops, and flooring. They repeatedly asked their fabricator/installer for product information and care instructions, only to be given a sample bottle of an obscure cleaner. They quickly ran out of product and came seeking advice.

I have written in the past of this issue, and I continue to be amazed at how few “Stone Professionals” know much if anything about stone Geology, slab production processes in the quarry/factory, and about Care and Protection of Natural Stone.

For technical information, please see this LINK to the Marble Institute of America website.

The bottom line is that all natural stone needs to be Cleaned and Maintained to protect your significant investment. Using quality products will help to keep your stone looking new for decades to come. One of the issues that Bill mentioned was that in just a few months they noticed white spots around the drain of a trough style limestone sink. These ‘Water Spots’ are likely mineral deposits from the municipal water supply. I suggested performing a ‘Deep Cleaning‘ procedure using HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner.

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