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It continually amazes me that so many stone fabricators and installers either don’t seal and protect the stone they install, or they use very inferior products.

Having been in the stone industry now for 36 years, I have always been concerned that homeowners were informed about how to care for their new stone, but many fabricators I have talked with simply don’t care. They just want to focus on installing more countertops.

Over the years when I ask what sealer they use, or what method they use, MOST fabricators have extraordinarily weak answers. Many do not use proven professional grade products, and unfortunately many do a quicky job of wiping on some sealer, wiping it off, and think that will protect porous granite, or worse, marble surfaces.

We receive hundreds of phone calls from frustrated homeowners saying that “My fabricator sealed my granite, but it is still staining”. This is rather unfortunate, because the solution is very simple:
1. Use a professional grade impregnator like HMK S34, AND
2. Apply it correctly.
Then, you can count on lasting results.

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2 Responses to Why many Stone Fabricators don’t Seal Countertops

  1. Mike says:

    Six years ago I had the stoop and steps leading up to my front door completely replaced. The steps are (10) 7′ x 12″ pieces of solid bluestone. I noticed rust marks starting to emerge over the last several years. I wasn’t advised by the mason to seal the stone and now I regret not knowing any better. A friend of mine just told me the rust is a result of iron in the bluestone? and recommended a product called CLR. I”m concerned that this might be too harsha product and ruin the entire bluestone piece rather than the areas where rust marks are popping up.
    I found your website and wonder if the Rust Combo pack would be a better choice for me. I’d like to seal the stone to prevent further rust from appearing. Is this possible at this stage of the game? Thanks in advance for your response!

    • Torin Dixon says:

      Bluestone indeed has iron in it, and we get many questions/requests for removing rust from Bluestone. I have also had customers call in a panic because they used CLR on different types of stone and it did damage the stone. I would not use CLR, and would suggest the Rust Removing Combo pack. Be aware that it is difficult to “spot clean” areas, as the R77 is an acid cleaner (required to remove rust) It is better to treat all the adjacent areas as well.

      Once cleaned, to retard future rust stains you do need to seal the stone. I would suggest the HMK S31 Silane/Silicone Impregnator to protect the stone.

      If you have any questions about using these products, please contact us at 800-380-6881

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