What is an Oleophobic Stone Sealer?

“Oleophobic” (from the Latin oleum “oil”, Greek ελαιοφοβικό eleophobico from έλαιο eleo “oil” and φόβος phobos “fear”) refers to the physical property of a molecule that is repelled from oil.

When it comes to Granite and Marble countertops and other decorative surfaces, oil is the worst enemy. Even though many granite slabs are Resin Impregnated, oil can still penetrate.


Take a look at the picture here. Both pieces were “Sealed”. On the left with a leading brand that claims to repel both water and oils. The piece on the right was impregnated with HMK S324 Stone Impregnator.

Both pieces received a few drops of olive oil and allowed to sit on the surface for 15 minutes, then wiped off with a paper towel. As you can clearly see, the piece on the left has a visible (and lasting) oil stain.

HMK Stone Care products were developed in Germany and has been the favorite of Architects and Stone Professionals for more than 30 years. Choose wisely when looking to protect your natural stone surfaces.

If you have questions about HMK Stone Care products, please email or call us at  800-380-6881

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