What about ‘Fake Review’ websites?

Internet Searches can be Misleading!

Please see the following video link to get my take on ‘Fake Review’ websites. There are many websites that look legitimate, and appear to ‘Review’ products or services, but when you get down to the Disclaimer…the truth really comes out.

Such is the case for Google keyword search ‘Best Granite Cleaner’. The top search result is “Best Granite Cleaner in Mar 2107”¬†Best Granite Cleaner in Mar 2017 – Granite Cleaner Reviews¬†that features the ‘Top 10 Granite Cleaners’ by reviewer Sarah Lytle, “who’s passion is for cooking and eating healthy”. That’s great. But is she an expert in stone care products? Have these products been Peer-Reviewed” by experts. There is not much to the methodology aside from a list of features of each product.

I do commend Sarah for providing the disclaimer at the bottom of the page that explains how she may make money on affiliate referral clicks. Tgize hat is more than can be said of other “Review Sites”

The bottom line is, be careful when making purchases off of these types of “Review Sites”.

I apologize for going off on this issue, but it really irks me to see people provide an opinion with very little knowledge or experience to back it up.

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