Removing Rust Stains on Granite

remove rust on granite

We have received several emails from people having issues with Rust Stains on Granite countertops particularly around sink areas.


What is not commonly understood is that most natural stone surfaces have some amount of iron minerals in the composition of the stone. Some types have more than others, and some colors have more than others.



If you have a gold colored stone, it is very likely that oxidized iron is exactly what has colored the stone. This occurs in many ways in nature, but essentially Rust leached into the body of a lighter colored stone, thus giving it the tint or color you desired. When these same minerals are continually exposed to moisture (water around a sink) then rust can be accelerate. Further, if you use vinegar to clean the counters, this mild acid (2.4 pH) will oxidize the ferrous minerals an cause rapid staining. In some cases, newly installed granite can begin to exhibit rust stains in months if improperly cleaned using acids.

Fortunately, most rust stains can be removed or greatly diminished by using a professional grade rust remover made specifically for natural stone. We recommend HMK R777 Rust Remover followed by cleaning/neutralizing with HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner. We offer these products in a Combo Kit.

These products are consumer friendly and can remove rust from all non calcium based stone. This product cannot be used on Marble, Limestone, Onyx or Travertine.

For more information about the R777 Rust Remover, please see product information sheet HERE

Note: It is essential that once you remove the rust stains, that you seal your stone with a quality solvent based impregnator like HMK S234 Silicone Impregnator.

If you have questions about your particular stain issue, please emailĀ us for professional advise at

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