R77 is Great for Removing Rust Spots on Bluestone

Caller: Judy S. from New Jersey
Category: Rust Stain Removal
Private: No
Subject: Hooray for R77 Rust Remover on Bluestone
Comment: June 9, 2012″Hi Torin,
Last year I ordered R77 per your recommendation to remove rust stains from my Bluestone patio. I just now got around to using the product. IT IS AMAZING!!!  I ALMOST FORGOT HOW BEAUTIFUL MY BLUESTONE WAS!!   Thank You for helping me restore the beauty to my Bluestone Patio”

Judy S.
New Jersey

Suggestions: We talked a bit more and discovered she liked the look of her Bluestone when it was wet. I suggested using the HMK S42Color Enhancing Sealer to enrich the color of her Bluestone.Once Cleaned with R77 and Enhanced with S42, I suggest ultimate protection from moisture, dirt, oils, etc. to use S34 Silicone Impregnator.

For regular maintenance, we suggest using HMK P24 Liquid Stone Soap. This pH neutral maintenance cleaner supports the sealers by not breaking down as harsh detergents would. With regular use, P24 conditions the stone and will enhance the colors.


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