Proper Application Techniques for Sealing Granite and Marble

stone_sealerUsing the proper technique will insure you get the protection you are looking for. (Stone Impregnators)

Some blogs or websites suggest using a rag to “wipe” on the sealer. This does NOT give you an adequate application of impregnator.

Top chemical engineers have recommended that you “flood” the stone evenly using a paint brush to get adequate coverage. I suggest pouring the sealer onto your stone in even passes, then using a paint brush or Sealer Applicator Brush, spreading the impregnator evenly over the stone.

Allow adequate time to penetrate, usually 15-20 minutes, while keeping the stone “wet” with the product. This allows the stone to “drink up” the sealer, deep into the pores, carrying the sealing agents deep into crevices and pores of the stone. If your stone is lighter in color, it may “drink up” more product. Dark colored stone use less product.

Once product has adequately penetrated, wipe up excess using paper towels, then do a final buff with a clean white rag, or Premium Microfiber cloth.

If you have questions about how to Professionally protect your Marble or Granite, please contact our Stone Care Experts at 800-380-6881 (Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Time)

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