Humans in an E-Commerce World

We received a curious email from a customer the other day commenting on our personal touch in an order he received. He noted to his wife, “Look Hon, a human packed this order, there’s a hand written ‘Thank You’ on the receipt”.

In this digital age where robots are packaging many e-commerce orders, some may be happy to know that StoneCareOnline orders are actually packaged by humans. Most often it is Diane or another owner insuring accuracy. Since 1999 we have shipped thousands of orders, and have a 99.7% accuracy rating. We work hard to answer technical questions and ship orders completely and accurately every time, and often write a hand written note.

Even though Moeller HMK is a world wide brand, in North America, most online HMK orders come from a small family run business from Missoula Montana…and yes, packaged by real people. We intend to keep it this way as long as we can.

We appreciate comments and feedback from our customers, and appreciate your business!

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Cleaning & Maintaining Large Stone Floors

We frequently get calls asking about how to Clean and Maintain large stone floors. One of the questions involves what tools and equipment do we recommend. So after handling cleaning and restoration projects for three decades, here are my recommendations:

For floors larger than 200 square feet I suggest a roller bucket with mop wringer.

cleaning marble floors mop bucketThis type of mop bucket makes it easy to cover large areas with minimal trips to the sink for rinsing. The large bucket handles several gallons of wash or rinse water. There are many options available at


For scrubbing and cleaning very large floors (500 sq. ft. +) then I often recommend commercial floor scrubbers like the model listed below:

scrubbing-machine-for-stone-floorsThis machine is currently available at Amazon for a great price. You do have to purchase the scrubbers separately. I have had a similar Clark machine for more than 25 years and it never gives up. The Clark machines are more expensive but if you have a cleaning business they are well worth the investment.

We also have microfiber mops, pads and microfiber buckets available at our Cleaning Tools page.

26inch Mop Bucketwashstick_sm



For professional grade cleaning products for Natural Stone, please see our Deep Cleaning page.

If you have a specific stone cleaning question, please contact us at StoneCareOnline 800-380-6881 or by Email.



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So What is Deep Cleaning of Granite & Marble?

In my last post HERE I talked about how easy it is to Clean Granite. What I should have said is Maintain Granite. There is a difference.

As I have mentioned before, polished granite and marble countertops most often lose their luster and sparkle much like how a diamond ring can begin to look dull. Hand lotions, and even skin oils coat the ring, making it appear dull. With a quick dip in jewelry cleaner, a diamond or other gemstone will regain its brilliance.

Polished natural stone behaves exactly the same way! Polished granite is not coated with a shiny lacquer, rather, it is polished with progressively finer grit abrasives until it retains a shine. Dish water & soap, food spills, and even many household ‘cleaners’ can also build up, coating the polished stone preventing it from displaying its natural luster.

This is where “Deep Cleaning” comes in for natural stone. We have created a Deep Cleaning page that recommends HMK Stone Care products to strip off oils, soap residues and other common films that create a dull appearance.

Following these recommendations will restore the brilliance and luster of your polished granite and marble countertops.

If you need further assistance, please email us HERE or call our office at 800-380-6881

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Is it Difficult to Clean Granite Countertops?

I went to YouTube and entered “Cleaning Granite Countertops” in the search box. The result was 19,800 videos on how to clean granite.


There is a VERY simple answer….Spray and Wipe!

By mixing one capful of HMK P324 Liquid Stone Soap in a 32 ounce spray bottle filled with water, you simple Spray the countertops and wipe with a paper towel or cloth towel, buffing dry. Instantly, your granite countertops are clean, and most importantly, you are further protecting your granite.

HMK P324 is a pH neutral cleaner with stone conditioners. It supports impregnators and will not break down sealers.

StoneCareOnline offers a complete line of products to Clean – Protect – Maintain all Natural Stone surfaces.

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Understanding HMK’s new Product Numbering System

stone cleaningHMK Stone Care from Germany was the first Worldwide company to develop a complete system of Stone Care products.

Since the 1970’s, Moeller HMK-StoneCare has developed Professional Grade products that are designed to work together as a complete Stone Care System.

  1. The first objective is to Clean – Stains, Coatings, Dirt, Buildup
  2. The second objective is to Protect – Sealers and Impregnators
  3. The third objective is to Maintain – Products for Daily Cleaning

Thus, the new numbering system includes the number 1-2 or 3 preceding the existing product numbers.

  1. R-155 is our Deep Cleaning Product, previously R55 Intensive Cleaner
  2. S-234 is our Impregnating Sealer, previously S34 Silicone Impregnator
  3. P-324 is our Daily Stone Cleaner, previously P24 Liquid Stone Soap

Each product has a complimentary product each chemically designed to work together as a complete Stone Care System.


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HMK R77 Rust Remover for Natural Stone is In Stock

HMK R77 Rust Remover

HMK R77 Rust Remover

HMK R77 Rust Remover is Back in Stock

Due to the overwhelming demand for Removing Rust from Granite, Marble and Bluestone, we were temporarily out of stock of HMK R77 Rust Remover.

We have received our shipment from the factory in Germany, and are filling our numerous backorders. We appreciate everyone’s patience.

HMK R77 is a Professional Grade Rust Remover for use on all natural stone with a honed or textured surface. Because it is an acid based Rust Remover, it is not suitable for Polished Marble, Onyx, Limestone, or Travertine. For all calcium based stone (marble, onyx, travertine) it may also etch the surface on honed or textured marbles.

If you have a rust problem on any natural stone, please email a picture to for technical assistance, or call 800-380-6881



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WIKIHOW IS WRONG About Granite Cleaners!

wikihowI hate to burst anyones bubble…but WikiHow is wrong about Homemade Granite Cleaners!

In the article it states “Be sure you use cleaners that are pH balanced and include no acid or acidic type chemicals.”  However, the following sentence says to “Combine mild dish detergent with rubbing alcohol.”

As you may know, dish detergents are highly alkaline (pH 11-14) and over time can break down stone sealers. Alcohol is also a strong solvent, and in a very weak solution with water, may not be very harmful. But why risk degrading your stone protection to save a few pennies?

As a 36 year stone industry veteran, I highly suggest using HMK P324 Stone Soap Concentrate. When diluted, a 1-liter bottle will clean up to 8000 square feet of countertop. We suggest mixing one capful in  a 32 oz. spray bottle filled with water. Simply spray countertops and wipe dry with a soft towel or Microfiber Wiping Cloth.

Used as a system, the HMK Stone Care Products will Clean, Protect, and Maintain all Natural Stone surfaces.

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HMK R77 Rust Remover is Arriving Soon

Due to Overwhelming Demand, R77 Sold Out

The Good News is that the container from Germany arrived!!

HMK R77 Rust Remover

HMK R77 Rust Remover

Over the years I have written extensively about Rust Removal on Natural Stone, and particularly on Bluestone. HMK R77 is a Professional Grade Rust Remover, and works well when neutralized with HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner.

We will be receiving our shipment the week of 7/6/15 and will be shipping out our back-orders. Thank you all for your patience.


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The Miracle of Microfiber for Cleaning Natural Stone

Using quality Microfiber cloths make cleanups easier, and gives you a better looking countertop!

Microfiber Cloth Video:

When cleaning up Impregnating Sealers like HMK S34, after allowing the stone to “drink-up” the impregnator, then wiping up excess with paper towels, finish your cleanup by using our disposable Microfiber Towels. You’ll get a better result, getting a streak-free brilliant countertop.

For more information either by Email or call us at 800-380-6881 (M-F 9-5)

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Amazing Stain Protection using HMK S34 Impregnating Stone Sealer

How well does HMK S34 Really work?

We started with one of the most porous natural stones commonly used for floors and countertops – Travertine.

As you may know, Travertine is a calcium based stone that is formed in the presence of hot springs. This creates the distinctive pores that most often are filled with a colored cement grout. Both the stone and the grout are very porous and left unprotected, can stain easily.

I took this sample tile and sealed it with one coat of HMK S34 Silicone Impregnator. Then I deliberately tried staining it, first with strong coffee. I let the coffee dry/bake in the sun for 12 hours. I then rinsed it off with a garden hose, and the dried coffee came off without any stain.


IMG_1988Not to be dissuaded, I next turned to a common enemy of natural stone, Red Wine!

***Caution:  Don’t Try This at Home*** (without using HMK S34)



IMG_2009This time I let the wine dry for two days before I tried cleaning it. I thought for sure, there would be staining, if not in the cement grout fill, then certainly in the tiny little pinhole pores not filled by the cement grout, and there was, but with just a little HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner, allowing it to soak in and activate, within a few minutes the tile was clean and like new.

Cleaning Wine Stain on Travertine Tile


R55 Intensive Cleaner (R155) was used in a solution 1-Part to 5-Parts warm water. Allowing the solution to soak/dwell on the surface for 15 minutes. Scrub with a sponge or wash cloth and rinse.



After 15 minutes of activating, simply scrub and rinse. All the wine in the pinholes was gone.

Used as a complete system, S34 Impregnator, and R55 Intensive Cleaner protect and clean all Natural Stone against common spills and stains.

Even after using and recommending HMK S34 Impregnator for more than 30 years, I am still surprised and amazed at how well it protects natural stone!


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