More Incredibly Bad Advice for Cleaning Stains on Marble

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 10.48.22 AMmarble-stain
I believe I may have found another New Calling in life…that would be Finding Bad Advice on the Internet for Cleaning Natural Stone!


I stumbled upon the above referenced highly ranked search listing while researching keywords for our StoneCareOnline website. I am absolutely amazed at how much BAD advice is out there on the net, AND getting such high organic ranking.

I DO NOT suggest you follow this advice as it will seriously damage your marble. The processes and chemicals suggested are highly caustic to calcium based stone such as marble.

Most rust removers (as prescribed) are strong ACIDS, and acid will burn the polish on all calcium stone like Marble, Onyx, Travertine, and otherĀ calcareousĀ stone.

We always suggest starting with the least aggressive method first, and graduate to more aggressive methods.

Please refer to the instructions HERE


Following dubious advice on the Internet may cause permanent damage to your costly marble surfaces. We are Stone Care Experts and offer REAL professional advice for cleaning and protecting all Natural Stone surfaces.

For immediate help with a Stain on Marble, call Toll Free 800-380-6881

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