Is it Difficult to Clean Granite Countertops?

I went to YouTube and entered “Cleaning Granite Countertops” in the search box. The result was 19,800 videos on how to clean granite.


There is a VERY simple answer….Spray and Wipe!

By mixing one capful of HMK P324 Liquid Stone Soap in a 32 ounce spray bottle filled with water, you simple Spray the countertops and wipe with a paper towel or cloth towel, buffing dry. Instantly, your granite countertops are clean, and most importantly, you are further protecting your granite.

HMK P324 is a pH neutral cleaner with stone conditioners. It supports impregnators and will not break down sealers.

StoneCareOnline offers a complete line of products to Clean РProtect РMaintain all Natural Stone surfaces.

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