How To Remove Pomegranate Stain From Granite

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Subject: Pomegranate stain in granite
Question: So we moved into  a new home..hadn’t sealed the granite and we had a pomegranate leak juice out onto our black/tan granite countertop. How on earth can we get this stain out? :-(((Thanks so much!
Answer: Hi Susan,
Pomegranate juice as you have discovered is a very potent stain. Fortunately you have a darker stone. It would be much more difficult to remove on a white or light colored granite, but it can be removed.What you need to do is to draw the stain out of the granite using a “Poultice”. There are ready mixed commercial poultices like HMK R52 Stain Removing Poultice: or you can mix a poultice yourself.

To mix your own poultice, you need two ingredients:
Hydrogen Peroxide and
Plaster of Paris (Casting Plaster) available at a hardware store

Mix the two into a plastic bowl into the consistency of pancake batter (mix enough to full cover the stain about 1/4″ thick)
Cover area with plastic wrap and tape down edges
Leave overnight to harden

As the plaster begins to set, it creates heat. The reaction will draw out the stain. The next day when the plaster is hardened and cool to the touch, scrape off with a plastic spatula or puddy knife.
You may need to repeat this process again if all the stain is not removed.

Another option is to use HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner as the liquid in this Poultice:

As you have discovered, your granite needs to be sealed. I highly recommend the S34 Impregnating Sealer:

In the mean time, cover area with a warm washcloth with a solution of your dishwashing soap and water to flush the area. But apply the Poultice as soon as possible.

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