HMK R77 Rust Remover for Natural Stone is In Stock

HMK R77 Rust Remover

HMK R77 Rust Remover

HMK R77 Rust Remover is Back in Stock

Due to the overwhelming demand for Removing Rust from Granite, Marble and Bluestone, we were temporarily out of stock of HMK R77 Rust Remover.

We have received our shipment from the factory in Germany, and are filling our numerous backorders. We appreciate everyone’s patience.

HMK R77 is a Professional Grade Rust Remover for use on all natural stone with a honed or textured surface. Because it is an acid based Rust Remover, it is not suitable for Polished Marble, Onyx, Limestone, or Travertine. For all calcium based stone (marble, onyx, travertine) it may also etch the surface on honed or textured marbles.

If you have a rust problem on any natural stone, please email a picture to for technical assistance, or call 800-380-6881



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