Help! – My Granite Doesn’t Feel Smooth


Linda called from Phoenix concerned that her granite didn’t feel smooth to the touch

by Torin Dixon


Linda just had Mascarello granite from Brazil installed and she complained that as she rubs her hands across the surface, she feels “dips, cracks, and humps”. 

I explained to her that many of the “Exotic” granites are made up of various minerals and crystals that have different hardnesses. Harder minerals may feel very smooth and have a high shine, while softer minerals (and fill) may feel less smooth, have a duller shine, and may dip below the surface of adjacent harder minerals.

Additionally, stone that has many veins may also not feel smooth adjacent to consistent plain crystals. The veins are often pockets in the rock where liquids traveled, depositing iron, magnesium and other minerals, thus giving us beautiful colors.

In most instances, this is normal! The very elements that make a rare stone so incredibly beautiful, can at times give people reason for pause. In some cases, the veining, and the adjacent areas next to veins may separate, appearing as “cracks”. Most quality fabricators (at the quarry/factory) will correct these “cracks” with impregnating resins to strengthen the stone, and enhance the beauty. There is often a trade-off between beauty, and smoothness. I usually tell people that if they love the color and pattern, they may have to live with these slight irregularities in the surface smoothness.

In any case, even these “Exotics” need to be sealed with a quality Impregnator. For more information, please read the following article –

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