10K+ Page Views of our HMK R52 Stain Removing Poultice for Natural Stone

Why do you think that we have had 10,254 page views of our (currently backordered) R52 Stain Removing Poultice for Granite and Marble?

Because granite and marble surfaces are not being adequately protected with professional grade sealers. We get calls and emails every day from customers who “had their granite sealed”, but still have staining issues, particularly from oil spills.

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We have had so many orders of R52 that it is currently backordered until mid-January. Our Professional Grade stone cleaners and sealers are made in Germany, and even with the best order management systems in place, high demand has knocked us out of stock.

It doesn’t need to be like this if Natural Stone surfaces are protected with a professional grade Impregnating Sealer like HMK S34 Impregnator.

If you are experiencing stains in granite or marble that you cannot remove, please email or call us for expert assistance. 800-380-6881

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